Marco Island Post 404, The American Legion, Inc.

Marco Island Post 404 History

On February 18, 2014, at 7:00 p.m., sixteen former servicemen met at the Marco Island Civil Air Patrol Hangar for the very first organizational meeting for Post 404. Existing at the time in Marco Island, Florida was a virbrant community consisting of former World War I, II, Korean and Vietnam Veterans. The decision to organize an American Legion Post resulted from the conclusion of these Veterans that the American Legion was the representative Veterans' organization in this country. That conclusion has been proven true as today the American Legion is the largest wartime Veterans' organization with nearly 13,000 American Legion Posts worldwide. Current national membership is over 2 million and combined with the American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion, membership in what is known as The American Legion Family, exceeds 3 million who care about America, Veterans, their families and our nation's youth.

At the first meeting Mr. Lee Rubenstein was elected temporary Chairman and Mr. Bruland, District 13 Adjutant, as temporary Secretary. Decision was made by the attending Veterans to file an application for an American Legion Post.

At next meeting, a Certificate of Application for a Charter was presented. It was also decided at this meeting to organize a Post as soon as fifty servicemen had indicated their desire to join the Post..

A committee was formed to name the Post and the Post was named "Marco Island Post 404, American Legion, Inc.”.  All of thousand’s of servicemen who died in the service of their country, as a mark of respect,  were honored when Post 404 was chartered.

Permanent organization was affected at the next meeting which time permanent officers were elected. The first officers of American Legion Post were: Commander: Mr Lee Rubenstein, Adjutant: Mr. Bill Horton, and Finance Officer: Mr. Ray Rosenberg, etc. (see minutes of first meeting below)

Affiliated Organizations

A Women's Auxiliary of American Legion Post 404 was not formed at this time. 

A Sons of the Legion for American Legion Post 404 was not formed at this time. 

Patriotic Days

MEMORIAL DAY has always been an outstanding occasion in this community. In addition to memorial events throughout the Marco Island community, the  goal of every Veteran to it's last man is to keep MEMORIAL DAY sacred to the memory of our war dead of all of the wars of the country; and all graves are decorated on this National Holiday. Events are scheduled each year at the Marco Island Veterans Community Park to celebrate this day.

ARMISTICE DAY, now called VETERANS' DAY, originally marked the end of fighting in World War I. It is an important holiday on the calendar of Legionnaires everywhere and in the hearts of all Veterans. Annually Post 404 sponsores the Veterans day rememberance. An important tradition was established when Post 404 led in this memorial exercises at 11 o'clock on the morning of November 11, marking the exact hour of the cessation of hostility on the war fronts. Events contine to be scheduled each year at the Marco Island Veterans Community Park to celebrate this day.

Funeral Services

Since it's inception American Legion Post 404 has been a leader in this community in participating in Veterans Memorials during funeral services. Flag presentations, by the the Post Flag Bearer Staff, is available if requested by family.

Scholarships and Community Projects

American LegionPost 404 sponsors various scholarships for the further education of our children. We also sponsor and financially assist many worthy community projects and programs initiated by the National American Legion.

Minutes of the first Organizational Meeting, Post 404


Minutes Organizational Meeting – Marco Island Post 404 The American Legion

February 18, 2014, held at CAP hanger at Marco Island Executive Airport

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by 13th District Commander John Dollinger

  • John Dollinger also acted as temporary secretary to take the minutes

Members Present:

Henderson, Rosenberg, Wohltman, Walker, Picone, Riley, Stapleton, Bozzo, Bardon, Novark, Horton, Flaugh, Messner, Rubenstein, Lang, Purple and Lane.

**A quorum was present.

Adoption of Constitution and Bylaws Documents had been mailed to each Member ahead of time. There was no discussion or questions on the Constitution and Bylaws

            **Motion by Lee Henderson to adopt, Second by Riley – Passed Unanimously

Nominations and ElectionsExplanation of each job was presented

Commander – Lee Rubenstein and Hugh Messner nominated. Mr. Messner decided to run for 1st Vice Commander

1st Vice Commander – Hugh Messner was nominated, no others

2nd Vice Commander – no nominations, position to be filled later

Finance Officer – Ray Rosenberg was nominated, no others

Historian - no nominations, position to be filled later

Chaplain – Mike Stapleton was nominated, no others

Sgt.-at-Arms – Bill Horton was nominated, no others

Trustee – Bruce Novark,

**Motion by Ray Rosenberg to adopt the slate of Officers, second by Horton Passed Unanimously

Term of Office – Motion to have New Officers serve until June 2015 by body.

                        Passed Unanimously

Appointed Officers by the new Post Commander – Explained each position

            Adjutant – Bill Horton - yes and Officer can hold an elected and appointed office.

            Judge Advocate – Alfred Bozzo

            Service Officer – left open

            ** Motion to accept Commanders recommendation by body.

Passed Unanimously

Organizational Meeting Minutes                                                                           Page 2

Establish Dues for Post Members – general discussion on need for dues and need for some upfront funding. **After discussion motion was made and seconded for $35.00 annual dues and a $20.00 one-time assessment to cover startup costs.

                        Passed Unanimously

Incorporation of Marco Island Post 404 The American Legion, Inc. as a tax exempt organization. Ray Rosenberg felt this could be accomplished using local attorney at a low cost. Mr. Riley stated he and Mr. Moore were prepared to cover the cost.

            ** Motion by Rosenberg to accomplish the incorporation second by Riley

                        Passed Unanimously

Post Checking account and Signatories – Discussion by Rosenberg on what was needed. Once Incorporation is complete Checking Account should be opened at a bank convenient to the Finance Officer. Signatories were discussed and the following were proposed; Rubenstein, Rosenberg and Stapleton

** Motion by Henderson to accept signatory and leave bank to Rosenberg, second by Bozzo. Motion passed with Rubenstein in the negative.

Post and Executive Meeting Nights – After a great deal of discussion it was decided that the 3rd Tuesday worked for everyone. The Executive Board Meeting would be 90 minutes before the Post Meeting. Time was left open but consensus was that a lunch meeting was preferential. Commander will poll the Members on meeting times.

** Body accepted without a vote.

Date for Installation of Officers – Commander to poll after members discuss with wives. Post Commander to get back with District Commander. No action taken

For the good of The American Legion – no discussion

Adjourn at 8:10 pm

Respectfully submitted,

John Dollinger

13th District Commander and Temporary Secretary


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